About ITS AP FORUM 2017

Intelligent Transportation Systems-Hong Kong (ITS-HK) and the ITS Asia Pacific Forum organizing committee extend a warm invitation to local, regional and worldwide specialists, experts and government officials in the transportation and smart city sectors to join the upcoming 15th ITS Asia Pacific Forum and Exhibition in Hong Kong SAR, China from 27 to 29 June 2017.

Billions of dollars continue to be invested in new and enhanced transportation infrastructure to make our urban environment smarter, liveable and more sustainable in response to the pressures of growing urbanisation, regional development and drivers of national competitiveness. The Hong Kong SAR government has long demonstrated its commitment through investments in mega transport infrastructure projects to enable closer integration within the Pearl River Delta region. Under the theme “Metropolitan Transportation Infrastructure in Smart Cities”, this event provides a unique platform to share application experience, get to grips with the latest innovations in the policies and technologies that underpin urban mobility, and to explore collaboration opportunities. We invite you to participate in this extraordinary event and to join us in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day on 1 July 2017.

Why joIn ITS AP Forum 2017?

A unique platform for sharing experiences, seeing the latest technologies and exploring collaboration opportunities.

Multiple sessions including forum, exhibitions, executive & end-users networking, technical visits and workshops.

Opportunity for you to connect to potential buyers, partners, investors and developers that are rooted in the ITS policy and market areas.

Located in Hong Kong – a strategic location at the heart of the world's fastest growing regional economy, and home to best-in-class road, rail and urban infrastructure.

About organizer- Intelligent Transportation Systems-Hong Kong (ITS-HK)

ITS – HK is a non-profit making learned society responsible for facilitating cooperation among ITS–HK members. The organization’s objectives are :

– to Formulate standards for participation in National and International ITS standardization processes

– to Provide a forum to determine user requirements and solutions

– to examine non-technical and institutional issues (privacy, intellectual property, liability etc.

– to Encourage R & D in ITS technologies for multi-disciplinary partnerships among public and private sectors

– to Promote awareness of the benefits to the public and relevant decision-makers

– to Enhance and encourage the exchange of information amongst local, Mainland and international ITS industry

– to organize member activities for the promotion of ITS in Hong Kong SAR

For more information, Please visit ITS Hong Kong Web Site

About ITS Asia-Pacific

ITS Asia-Pacific seeks to facilitate Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) cooperation and coordination between countries/areas in the Asia-Pacific region, taken to mean Asia and Oceania, irrespective of political, industrial, cultural or institutional barriers. ITS Asia-Pacific offers its members opportunities for networking and information-sharing through assistance in the coordination of the region’s involvement in the World Congress on ITS, and hosting the ITS Asia-Pacific Forum. ITS Asia-Pacific plays a key facilitation and liaison role for its members within the Asia-Pacific region and with related organisations in other regions. Members are encouraged to develop ITS for application across the Asia-Pacific region and to assist each other with information to enable this.