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Experience the C-V2X demonstration at ITSHK AP Forum








As one of the most connected cities in the world and a major global financial hub, Hong Kong is an ideal place to pioneer the implementation of smart mobility system and showcase for the improvement of road safety. The vibrancy of Hong Kong’s transport sector is evident from the 10 million-plus passenger journeys in Hong Kong’s public and private transport system every day. The city’s robust telecommunications infrastructure, as well as its high-adoption rate of digital technologies, offer a strong foundation for businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators to unleash the immense potential of smart mobility. Supporting the Government’s endeavor to transform Hong Kong into a Smart City, the collective strengths of ASTRI, HKT, Huawei and Qualcomm Technologies seek to utilize the power of C-V2X technologies to enhance the Smart Mobility pillar with Safe Mobility element beyond the existing aims of Efficient Mobility, Efficient Logistics, Barrier-Free Community and Adaption of Intelligent Technology.

C-V2X technologies, based upon the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) release 14 specification with evolution path towards 5G, operates through both network-based communications on commercial cellular infrastructure, as well as direct communications over the 5.9GHz band1

The Consortium aims to use C-V2X to introduce a series of Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) in Hong Kong including a warning mechanism for collision and control, assistance for cruise control and parking, and alert systems for speed and lane violations. In addition, it will help drivers and traffic administrators to identify potential loopholes and risks in aspects like road intersections, pedestrian crossings and traffic queues.












In-car Experience of multiple connected vehicle demo for road safety enhancement through Cellular V2X

Please join us to experience the C-V2X demonstration at ITSHK AP forum ! ( Only for Delegation Pre-Registration )

Venue: Core Building, 2 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, HK (close to STARBUCKS)

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